The valley d’Aosta is an area where tranquility and relaxation reign, the region lies at the foot of the imposing chain of the Alps, with peaks that reach significant heights, such as the Monte Cervino, with its 4,478 meters, the Monte Bianco, which reaches 4,810 meters, the Monte Rosa, 4,634 meters high and the Gran Paradiso, at 4061 mt. in height.

The Aosta Valley is home to numerous valleys, the one that welcomes the city of Aosta and the delightful municipalities of La Sarre, Pollein and Saint Christophe, the Val d’Ayas, Val Ferret, Valpelline and the Valle del Gran San Bernardo, alla sinistra della valle principale, mentre alla sua destra sorgono la Val di Cogne, Val Veny and Valgrisenche

The territory of the Aosta Valley region is divided into Tourist Districts, the main ones being those of Mont Blanc, Aosta, Gran Paradiso, Gran San Bernardo, Monte Cervino, Monte Rosa, Mont Blanc, La Thuile, of Saint Vincente of Porta della Vallée.