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The thermal spring of Saint Vincent was discovered in 1770 by Abbot Jean Baptiste Perret, and was called Fons Salutis for its remarkable healing properties.

The water of Saint Vincent has been classified as bicarbonate-sulphate-alkaline-bromine-iodine-carbon and is effective in the treatment of diseases of the gastro-enteric and respiratory tract.

The spa underwent a restyling in 2007, which enriched it with a modern wellness center. The healing properties of the waters mean that they are drunk more than anything else in the hydropinic treatment, thanks to its regulating action of secretory dysfunctions, and inhaled in the form of aerosols, jets of steam, humage and micronized shower, for the treatment of respiratory problems.

The establishment is located in the building that once housed the famous casino, which is one of the main tourist attractions of Saint Vincent and one of only five in Italy where it is possible to practice all games of chance.

After being discovered in 1770, the thermal spring was equipped with taps to control the dispersion of water already at the time of King Carlo Felice III of Savoy, and was then approved by the doctor of King Carlo Emanuele III. Saint Vincent immediately became a destination for aristocrats and the rich. The birth of the Casino led to the development of the city and luxury tourism.

The spas are located in a unique environment: Saint Vincent is a small town in the valley at less than 600 meters above sea level, along the banks of the Dora Baltea. The landscape is nothing short of amazing. The modern swimming pools of the wellness center all have a temperature that varies between 32 and 36 degrees with hydromassage, jets and vascular paths, and above all, they enjoy a splendid view of the surrounding valleys. Try the outdoor pool, called “Verny”, with water at 36 °. There are numerous treatments that can be done, but also the events hosted within the structure.

But Saint Vincent is not only famous for its thermal baths: it has always been considered a charming destination for skiing, in winter, the town hosts important events, including the Saint Vincent Award for Journalism, which is held every year in September. The Advent markets are very popular: the most famous in the area are those of Chatillon and Chambave.

The ski resort that best matches the Saint Vincent spa is Breuil-Cervinia, a beautiful town for winter sports in the shadow of the imposing Monte Cervino.

How to get here

By car: A5 Geneva- Turin exit “Saint Vincent-Chatillon”

State road 26 of the Aosta Valley, which follows the route of the motorway with few variations.

By train: Turin-Geneva line, Chatillon station, a mountain town bordering Saint Vincent, then using the taxi or the bus to reach the Baths.

Rates and opening hours

Monday – Thursday € 25.00
Friday, Saturday, Sunday and high season € 34.00

Monday – Thursday 10.00 – 20.00
Friday and Saturday 09.00 – 18.00
Sunday 09.00 – 19.00

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