Torgnon is a ski resort in Val Tournenche. The municipality is made up of 22 small hamlets, located on a morainic terrace. The highest peak in the municipal area is Punta Tsan, at 3,320 meters above sea level. The hamlets, made up mostly of restored ancient “rascards”, are real gems rich in history and tradition. The holiday in Torgnon is defined as the real holiday “in the village”. Overlooking the Cervino Valley, it offers a unique view of one of the most evocative mountains in the entire Alpine arc. The town is rich in historical evidence. Two protohistoric settlements have been identified in Châtel and Chatrian, demonstrating that Torgnon was already inhabited before the Roman domination.

Downhill slopes of varying difficulty, cross-country trails among the most scenic in the Aosta Valley, trekking routes for hikers of all kinds, spaces and activities dedicated to children.
For snowboarders Torgnon is simply a paradise, thanks to the wonderful White Virus snow park in Chantornè.

Not to be missed:

The Musèè Petit Monde

Visiting the Musée Petit Monde is a real journey into the truest and most authentic mountain, and into the life of these environments, surrounded by a landscape that is nothing short of wonderful! The “Petiti Mond is made up of the villages of Triatel and Etirol, in a territory historically of passage between Italy and Switzerland. The museum is divided into three main structures: the raccard, the grandze and the attic. The inhabitants of the area mainly dealt with pastoralism and agriculture was allowed, in some areas, thanks to the terraces supported by stone walls that are still visible; mainly rye, wheat and hemp were grown.

You can explore the Petit Monde by walking along the paths that cross green meadows and lush woods, following the fresh stream that crosses them! The Petit Monde waterfall is beautiful, as is the forest that surrounds it! The Petit Monde remains a place of other times, where man lives in rhythm with nature.

Between the two villages, on the stream, there is an old mill, now restored and functioning. In the upper part of the village of Triatel there is a chapel, certainly already present in 1588 because it is mentioned in some documents, which after the terrible plague of 1630 was dedicated to San Rocco: on the facade are represented from left to right San Bernardo, San Rocco and St. Anthony of Padua.

In Ponty, on the road that connects the capital to the Petit Monde on the edge of a precipice, another chapel rises under the living rock, also built thanks to the generosity of the inhabitants.

Another church to visit is the one on the road leading to Ponty, a place already dedicated to the veneration of the Madonna: carved into the living rock on the edge of the precipice, it was created in 1733.


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