Monterosa ski

Monterosa Ski is a vast system of ski resorts that rises over three valleys, at the foot of the Monte Rosa massif. Twenty-five kilometers of splendid mountains, all around 4000 meters: Monte Rosa is the largest massif in the Alps, the second in height after the Mont Blanc, the highest mountain in Switzerland and the second in Italy, as well as the one with the highest average altitude: 9 of the top 20 highest peaks in the Alps belong to it.

In terms of tourism, the area is one of the most popular in Italy at an international level, both for the landscape and for the possibility of practicing various sports. In fact, a variety of proposals and activities for all seasons are intertwined with the tranquility and beauty of the landscapes. 180 kilometers of snow-covered slopes wind around the Rosa massif, touching the three valleys of Monterosa Ski.

A vast area connected by state-of-the-art ski lifts, which offers skiers and snowboarders the maximum variety of slopes, wide and sunny descents or steep slopes in the woods: increasing technical difficulties, to be tackled based on experience. A state-of-the-art programmed snow-making system allows you to maintain optimal coverage even in the event of less abundant rainfall. The area is also equipped with a snow park: among the 38 reported lifts, 11 are moving walkways. Equipped for both sport and relaxation: in addition to ski resorts and snow parks, restaurants, cafes and sunny terraces!

In the refreshment points at high altitude, the typical dishes and the large sunny terraces combine all the pleasures of good food with the enviable winter tan.

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