The city of Courmayeur rises at the foot of Mont Blanc, at 1224 meters. of altitude. Surrounded by the beautiful mountain panorama, between glaciers and larch and fir woods, Courmayeur is one of the most famous tourist destinations in the Aosta Valley.

The city has nevertheless managed to maintain the authentic atmosphere of the mountain towns of the region, with its shops selling typical products and crafts and the characteristic houses with sloping roofs.

All around, the valleys of the Dora della Val Veny and the Dora della Val Ferret, which flow into the Dora Baltea.

The reassuring and imposing presence of Mont Blanc, with its 4810 meters, makes Courmayeur a fairytale town, nestled in the great valley on the slopes of this extraordinary mountain relief … absolutely unmissable the crossing of Mont Blanc, to be done by cable car, with a spectacular view of the glaciers, the snow-capped peaks of the alps and the beautiful alpine botanical garden Saussurea.

The history of the city of Courmayeur

The city of Courmayeur was born in Roman times, around the 1st century BC, as an area for the extraction of gold-bearing quartz and as a crossing point towards France. The most important testimony about the existence of the city in Roman times is certainly a cremation tomb dating back to the 2nd century BC.

In the 8th century the first church was built, located in Val Veny, in the small town of Adesivo. In the following centuries, the growing population increase led to the birth of new villages around the city.

Starting from 1032 Courmayeur was also affected by the policy of the Savoy, and it was in this period that the main noble families of the city, those De La Tour and De Curia Majori, assert themselves. About three centuries later, in 1337, still under the Savoy government, the mining activity began in the area, with the iron mine in Val Ferret, the iron was then transported to Switzerland, to Orsières, for processing.

From the seventeenth century Courmayeur began to become famous as a spa resort, the properties of the waters of its ferruginous thermal springs are in fact very appreciated, so much so that the city led to the creation of the first spa hotel, Hotel Union, with housed in the Tower of La Court .

What to see in Courmayeur

A famous ski destination in the Aosta Valley, Courmayeur is famous all over the world for its slopes, for the glaciers of Mont Blanc and for its spas. Here you can devote yourself to the most diverse sporting activities, in winter between skiing, excursions with snowshoes, alpine skiing, snowboarding and cross-country skiing, in summer cycling, trekking and rafting. But few know that even the historic center is one of the must-see attractions of Courmayeur, small and intimate, it houses monuments and historic buildings of rare beauty, such as the Church of San Pantaleone and the Malluquin Tower. A special mention for the museums, the Duca degli Abruzzi Alpine Museum and the Mont Blanc Transfrontier Museum.

Church of San Pantaleone: dedicated to the Patron Saint of Courmayeur, the church is the main one in the town. Its construction dates back to 1742, on the base of a pre-existing 13th century building, of which the bell tower is still visible today. The facade of the church is very simple and austere, while inside there are rich eighteenth-century decorations, frescoes and paintings. Of particular interest is a crucifix from 1941.

Malluquin Tower: its construction dates back to the 12th century, it takes its name from that of the noble family of the Malluquin Lords. With a square plan, the tower has seven floors with wooden floors, today it hosts cultural events and exhibitions.

Sanctuary of Notre Dame de Guérison: outside the town of Courmayeur, on the road leading to Val Veny, this sanctuary dates back to the 17th century and according to legend it was the site of miraculous healings. Inside was housed a statue of the Vierge du Berrier. In 1816 the sanctuary was destroyed by the advance of the glacier but the statue remained intact, to celebrate this miraculous event, in 1867, a new sanctuary was built.

Alpine Museum Duca degli Abruzzi: Built at the behest of Luigi Amedeo di Savoia, the museum was inaugurated in 1929. The Museum tells the story of the Guides à mulets, guides who, thanks to the help of mules, accompanied the most important travelers, at high altitude, and houses a collection of photos and testimonies that tell the story of mountaineering and the work of the guides alpine in the area, with images of expeditions to Alaska, India and Africa by Amedeo Luigi di Savoia and the mountain guides of Courmayeur, clothing and materials used in the mission to the North Pole (when they reached the highest altitude ever recorded in other expeditions), reconstruction of the bivouac used in 1925, summit books and testimonies from travelers on the work of alpine guides, tools used for climbing, ice axes, boots and crampons and much more!

Mont Blanc Transfrontier Museum: inaugurated in 2005, this museum was created with the primary purpose of protecting and promoting the identity and culture of the people of Haute-Savoie and Valle d’Aosta. It hosts events and initiatives that promote the cultural heritage of the Aosta Valley.

Terme Pré Saint Didier

Thermalism is one of the most precious resources of Courmayeur, with ancient historical roots, in fact, as early as 1700, the first thermal hotel was born that exploited the beneficial properties of the ferruginous and sulphurous waters of this valley. The warm thermal waters arise in the heart of the mountain and are enriched with precious beneficial and curative properties, these are waters classified as saline-acidic-arsenic-ferruginous, at a temperature of 36 ° C. The thermal park is equipped with swimming pools, waterfalls, whirlpools, hydrojets, sensory tubs, tubs with music therapy, Kneipp path and Vichy showers.


  • Monday-Thursday: 09.30 – 21.00
  • Friday: 08.30 – 23.00
  • Saturday and Sunday: 08.00 – 21.00


  • Daily admission weekdays € 48
  • Daily admission days before holidays and holidays € 54

Courmayeur weather

The climate of Courmayeur is characterized by cool summers and snowy and cold winters. The hot season runs from May 30 to September 13, with average daily temperatures around 14 ° C. The cold season runs from November 21st to February 28th, with average temperatures around 0 ° C. The rains occur mainly in the months of April, May, October, November and December. Snowfall is concentrated in the months of November, December, January, February and March.

Courmayeur hotels

Characteristic and in alpine style, the Hotels in Courmayeur are perfect for a holiday in the pure mountain spirit, sloping roofs, light wood and traditional furnishings create the perfect location for a mountain holiday in both summer and winter. An excellent solution are also the residences, perfect for groups, the private apartments, ideal for those who want a holiday in complete freedom and independence, and the characteristic farmhouses.

Best hotels in Courmayeur:

Auberge de la Maison, in the characteristic hamlet of Entrèves, a few minutes from Courmayeur, the Auberge de la Maison is a charming residence completely made of wood and stone, with a breathtaking view of Mont Blanc. The hotel has a restaurant and a wellness center. Entrèves – 11013 Courmayeur (Aosta) – Tel. +39 0165 86 98 11

Hotel Bouton d’Or, family-run hotel, ideal for sports, wellness and nature lovers. At the foot of Mont Blanc, it is an ideal home to rediscover relaxation and tranquility. SS26dir, n.10 – 11013 Courmayeur Mont Blanc – Tel +39 0165 84 67 29

Maison La Saxe, elegant boutique hotel in Courmayeur housed in an old traditional Aosta Valley house, this delightful hotel has six rooms, for an experience of pure relaxation, in the most traditional hospitality of the Aosta Valley. Via Cardinale Berthod 22, Courmayeur, 11013 Courmayeur AO – Tel. 344 117 5530

Villa Novecento, housed in an elegant historic residence, this boutique hotel features a wellness center and a conference room. Viale Monte Bianco, 64 11013 Courmayeur – +39 0165 843000

Hotel La Grange, in the village of Entrèves, at the foot of Mont Blanc, this hotel has been converted from an old 14th century granary. Strada della Brenva, 1, Loc. Entrèves Courmayeur – +39 0165 86.97.33

Restaurants in Courmayeur

Courmayeur and Valdigne are characterized by a cuisine based on cereals, cheeses and vegetables, such as turnips, cabbage and savoy cabbage. The flour used is rye flour. The cheeses have a great importance, the fontina DOP, the fromadzo, the rébelec, the salignon, the séràs and the toma di Gressoney. Cured meats, with boudeun, motsetta, grilled ham, saouceusse, tetun and lard d’Arnad. Finally, meat, farmed or game. These extraordinary ingredients are used for the preparation of traditional Aosta Valley dishes, such as chnéfflene, pèila, seupetta à la valpelleunèntse, puarò and finally tartiflette … and what better place to savor them than in one of Courmayeur’s restaurants?

Recommended restaurants in Courmayeur:

RISTORANTE CHALET PLAN GORRET, Strada del Plan Gorret 45, 11013, Courmayeur – Tel. +39 0165 841988

DANDELION CUISINE DE MONTAGNE, Via San Bernardo 3, 11013, Courmayeur – +39 0165 185 1183

CHATEAU BRANLANTLL, Localita Chiecco, 8 | Plan Checrouit, 11013, Courmayeur – +39 0165 846584

CGAKET ORINEBT, Localita Planpincieux N. 22 | Val Ferret, 11013, Courmayeur – +39 0165 897006

RISTORANTE QC TERMEMONTEBIANCO, Route Mont Blanc 28 | Palleusieux, 11010 Pre-Saint-Didier – +39 0165 87004

RISTORANT LAVACHEY, Localita Lavachey, 11013, Courmayeur – Tel. +39 0165 869723


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