The Aosta Valley is a region that is also famous for its food and wine, made up of typical local products.

Particularly popular are the cheeses from Valle d’Aosta, a product that makes the area famous internationally, naturally we are talking about the famous Fontina, produced in the Aosta Valley until 1400, and the Formadzo, a DOP product, but we are also talking about the famous ham Jambon de Bosses, spicy, the sweets and the honey in particular.

A special section should then be reserved for wines that are produced in the Aosta Valley, among the main ones we want to mention the Blanc de Morgex et La Salle DOC, made with Prié Blanc vines, theEnfer d’Arvier DOC, which sees the presence of the Petit Rouge grape and to finish we remember it Chambave Muscat DOC, prepared with Moscato Bianco grapes.