The Aosta Valley has been inhabited since ancient times, even before the Roman Empire, traditions are therefore linked to myths and legends.

TheRoman Empire has left strong evidence, the oldest towns, like Aosta, for example, still preserve a artistic and cultural heritage linked to the Roman tradition, with high city walls, arches and historical ruins fortifications, but the Aosta Valley culture is also strongly represented by monuments, from churches to the constructions of the medieval period, made with a typical style of the area, different from those of other places in Italy and absolutely particular of its kind.

The culture of the Valle D’Aostasi Region also shows deep respect for nature, its moments, its seasons.

The Castles, scattered in the small valleys, then represent a strong element of the Aosta Valley culture, the fortifications are in fact a peculiar feature of the history and local traditions, you can admire the Castello di San Pierre, the Castello di Issogne, the Castello di Fenisi, the Castel Savoia and the Castello di Verres.