Cly Castle

Aligned with the castles of Montjovet and Ussel, taking advantage of the three highest points of the Ayas valley, the castle of Cly dominates wide meadows sloping down towards the mountains. It seems that it is precisely for this characteristic that the castle got its name, from “clito e clivo”.

It stands on a rocky spur at 780 meters above sea level, from which it could dominate the village of Chambave and the valley floor from Aosta to Saint-Vincent.

Cly Castle is considered to be the oldest among the wonderful castles in the region! It is part of the primitive type of Valle d’Aosta castles, consisting of a massive central donjon surrounded by a large wall, which enclosed within it, in addition to the keep, also a series of other buildings. Its original function was purely defensive, while today, in addition to being visited through guided tours, the castle is revived thanks to initiatives and events that recreate the medieval and Celtic atmospheres!

Although much of the structure is now a ruin, the castle still retains an important charm, derived from the medieval atmosphere and its location.

The walls, still almost entirely preserved, were surmounted by a battlements and enclosed an area of approximately 2800 m2. The most imposing building of the castle was the massive central tower, with a square base and divided into three floors. The tower was built on top of the living rock, in order to offer greater resistance in the event of a mine attack.

Leaning against the keep are the remains of the small Romanesque chapel, which probably dates back to the 11th century. Although very few fragments remain now, some drawings by Alfredo d’Andrade and the writings of Carlo Nigra testify that the apse was frescoed with figures of angels and saints. The structures of the southernmost part of the castle are now reduced to a state of ruin and barely guessable.


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