Castello di Savoia

“Sit patriae aurea quaevis” (“Every hour be golden for the homeland”), are the words written on the facade of the villa. Bewitched by the landscape of the Gressoney valley and the charm of Monte Rosa, it was Queen Margherita of Savoy who wanted to have this villa built in an eclectic style. Unfortunately, her husband, Umberto I, was never able to enjoy the castle, because he was killed by the anarchist Gaetano Bresci before the building was finished in 1904.

Castel Savoia dominates the Gressoney valley from its Belvedere, so called because of the wonderful view it can be enjoyed from here! The villa was built by the architect Emilio Stramucci, who worked a lot for the royal family.

The visit, which is done in groups of up to 25 people, leads to a visit to the interior of the villa in all their elegance. The ticket office is organized in the structure that once housed the kitchens, which the queen had wanted built outside the villa. From here, thanks to a gallery equipped with a Decauville track, the food was placed in closed trolleys and, by means of an elevator, could reach the villa.

The villa is set on three floors and is built with local stone. The base is surrounded by 5 neo-Gothic towers of different heights, surmounted by spiers different from each other, as well as the windows, which alternate numerous. Queen Margaret and her architect wanted the building to be a meeting of different styles. The interiors are richly decorated: the wooden coffered ceilings are finely inlaid with Savoy and floral motifs, in which the figure of the daisy recurs to honor the queen, and are the work of the Turin carver Michele Deller. The paintings on the walls and on the very elegant linen and silk tapestries are the work of Carlo Cussetti. The period photos that can be admired during the visit are interesting: Queen Margherita and King Umberto I, immortalized in moments of relaxation together with their entourage.

The park surrounding the house and the botanical or rocky garden are wonderful. The garden can be visited together with the villa, during the same opening hours. It is a reproduction of the alpine environment in 1 square km of rocky flower beds, hybrids and also specimens of particular ornamental plants from all over the world. It was created in 1990.

Another peculiarity of Castel Savoia is that one of the two additional housing structures located near the driveway to the villa was the home of Giosuè Carducci, a great friend of the queen, to whom it is dedicated.

In 1926, after the death of Queen Margherita, the castle was closed for a few years and was sold in 1936 to the Milanese industrialist Ettore Moretti, whose heirs sold the castle to the autonomous region of Valle d’Aosta in 1981, to which it still belongs today. .

A visit to Castello Savoia is certainly a fundamental step to get closer to the local history and culture!

Visiting hours

From April to September 09.00 – 19.00 every day
From October to March 10.00 – 13.00 and 14.0 – 17.00 (closed on Mondays)


Full € 5.00
Reduced € 3.50
Minors € 2.00
Free for children under 6, handicapped and accompanying persons, teachers and carers


Castello Savoia
Località Belvedere
Telefono:(+39) 0125 355396

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